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Niko's Greek Baklava

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Its chopped walnuts in a sweet greek treat!

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Baklava is a delicious treat straight from Greece.  This Baklava e-liquid has all the tastes of walnuts, phyllo dough, sweetened with honey and a touch of cinnamon.  Its Niko's favorite treat just like mom makes.



Baklava in a BCC!

On a 2.4 ohm BCC, I get the honey up front, and the nuts on the exhale. One of the few e-juices I like with a nut flavor to it - most nut e-juices taste pretty fake to me, but Niko's Greek Baklava has a nut flavor that's just excellent! The honey's spot on, not over-sweet, and the phyllo dough comes through on the tail end of the exhale. Vapor has a really strong honey scent to it. If you like honey, you will love this e-juice!


    This will be a reorder for sure

    I ordered this for my daughter. She is gluten sensitive and baklava is one of her favorite treats that she cannot eat any more. After a couple of weeks steep, she is delighted with the flavor. Someone on an ecigarette forum that I belong to provided a link to The Broke Smoker, and I must have thanked them a dozen times for it. This made my daughter's holiday season a little brighter. Thanks for the fine product.

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    Never had Baklava but wanted to try, it is excellent


      Sweet n Greek

      I ordered this in a bigger bottle because the flavour is right there and the taste is spot on..Fantastic vape with vapor and throat hit too :-)
      I would not have ordered from London UK if this was not a good one..If you like the honey, and nuts taste then go for it, you won't be disappointed.
      would love to see more like this..Well done BS!

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      Sweet and delicious

      I got this juice and let it steep for a few days. Put it in the Kayfun and vaped it. I was immediately taken back to Turkey...yes I know Baklava is a Greek dish, but its all over Turkey too. Anyway, the walnuts are there on the inhale and the subtle baked flavor of the filo dough and honey come to life on the exhale. A full tank was gone in just a couple hours. Its that good. Get yourself a bottle today!

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      Yep! It tastes like Baklava.

      I've been searching for a Baklava flavoured ejuice for a while -and now I've found it! This really tastes like Baklava, as soon as I smelled it I knew it was going to be good. It's got a strong syrupy lemon/honey base taste and I definitely get the crisp, buttery philo layers. I'm so impressed that Jim has jagged this one! It's smooth, rich, sweet and nutty. Every puff on this juice brings visions and taste memories of one of my favourite treats. Amazing rendition! Perfect in the afternoon with a strong black coffee.
      I highly recommend this juice if it sounds like your thing.

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      Niko's Greek Baklava

      Niko's Greek Baklava

      Its chopped walnuts in a sweet greek treat!

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