What is PG and VG, and which do I choose?

The PG that The Broke Smoker uses in our US-made Liquid/Juice recipes Medical-Grade propylene glycol, which is what is typically used in most all eLiquids/juices around the world. It is what makes the steam or the vapor. It is also used in nebulizers (breathing machines) for asthmatics.

The VG that The Broke Smoker uses in our US-made Liquid/Juice recipesis always ASDA-Approved Food-Grade vegetable glycerin. This also is what makes the steam or the vapor. VG is sweeter than PG. Some people are skin-sensitive to the PG, so VG is used instead of PG by these people. The PG is still the popular of the two, yet VG is gaining fast in popularity.

There are quite a number of people who like to use both VG and PG. I, for one, the owner of, enjoy both PG and VG mixed together, at a 30/70% ratio. I like the VG because it's increase vapor production. I like to use VG as my main base and then add the to set the proper ratio.

Q&A with some noobies!

Q: Dear jmsgolo760,

Thanks for the info because I am clueless about this when my mom was giving 6 months for cancer last yr i bought my sister mom and I the e cig from the local corner market we all used them for my moms sake but soon after stopped they tasted like a strong cigar maybe that's why we my sister and I couldn't stick with em. I feel guilty every day that my daughter will go through what we did with our mom. Please give me a link to the site where I can get the sample packs. Much appreciated!!! Again thanks for your time.

- beckyerigan513
A: There are sample packs listed as well as PG/VG options. for PG/VG I would recommend sticking with 60/40, 50/50, or 40/60. The more PG you use the less vapor production as well as a stronger throat hit. The higher VG found in the 40/60 mix will produce a smoother feeling (which you may not want when you first try to quit) and more vapor production. You can mix and match the PG VG with each sample bottle to find what works best for you. Ultimately what ever keeps you off the real thing is what is best for you.




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